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Emily's Song

A time travel adult romance

Once Upon a Princess

A middle grade novel

Always Ali

An Ali Caldwell story

Honestly Ali

An Ali Caldwell book

Lights, Camera, Ali!

An Ali Caldwell book

Reality Ali

An Ali Caldwell book

Picture of the week

I’ll try to remember to update this weekly, so there is always a reason to come back. For this week I’m very excited to share the cover art for The Rum Runner.

Scallops and Rum

When writing a novel, especially one with a historical setting, it is imperative to do research. So, when I was toying with the idea for the book that would become The Rum Runner, I came across a web page that gave details of 250 ships seized by the government in the...

Cocktails and Prohibition

Cocktails were very popular during Prohibtion

The Rum Runner is here

Launch day is here! The Rum Runner is now available for purchase online, either as an ebook or as a paperback! If you want to find out all about Alice, a lady police officer in the 1920s and Hank, a World War I vet, scallop fisherman, and rum runner then you just have...

George Washington Slept Here

Our town just celebrated it's 350th anniversary, which means we have a lot of history here. One of our claims to fame is that George Washington slept here on the way to his inauguration in New York in 1789. He stayed at the Cross Keys Tavern and there is a historical...

To Outline or Not to Outline

I made a plan, earlier this week, that I would blog more. Specifically that I would post something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. As this is Thursday, and I didn't post anything yesterday, you can see just how well that plan worked out. That is about how well it...