Princess CoverONCE UPON A PRINCESS has officially been released! No need to wait any longer to buy a copy for your very own! And why should you? What’s in it for you? Well, (very humbly speaking, of course) I think it’s a great story with a feisty young princess that turns normal princess stories on their head.

Everyone has heard stories about ordinary girls who wake up and find out they are a princess. Most little girls dream of waking up to just that sort of news. It’s what makes Disney Princess movies and Royal Weddings such a hot commodity.

But in ONCE UPON A PRINCESS, Fritzi is already a princess when the story starts.

And then she’s not.

There is a coup, the family goes into hiding. She is in danger of losing not only her royal title but the home that she loves.

She doesn’t take any of this lightly. In fact she fights back the only way a seventh-grader can: with social media.

Does it work?

You’ll have to read the book to find out.

And now you can!

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