Whenever there is some noteworthy event a book seems to come out about it within a couple of months. I rather marvel at this, because the process for me has taken much much longer. Of course, I do understand the marketing advantage to pushing through books that deal with current events. But that is not the norm for most books.

So CBAY agreed to publish my book. (And I should point out that right about the same time I got a contract for another book that will be coming out in May, more on that later)

First the publisher had to determine when on their calendar the book could be published. In my case it was about sixteen months out. Then it was time for edits and revisions. There were a couple of rounds of that, always making the story stronger with each change. In the meantime, the publisher was getting the ISBN number for the book, and commissioning the cover art. (I absolutely love the cover art, by the way, the artist did an amazing job!)

Cover art in place there was yet another round of proof reading on the computer, and then the exciting moment when the ARCs arrived. Here was the book, finally, in print form. A real live book to hold in my hand. Of course, it was the uncorrected proof. Which meant reading it through again and catching any last minute mistakes.

All was good.

Then came the call from my publisher. I apparently used a few too many trademarked names, and just to be on the safe side, because some companies are finickier about it than others, we needed to take them out.

A few more edits and we were good to go.

Now, in the meantime the publicity department was setting up blog tours and I updated my website and created a book trailer, and there was a whole lot of other stuff going on in the background at CBAY that I’m sure I don’t even know about.

But the day came when the books arrived and I was finally able to hold in my hands a book I had started ten years ago. It was a long journey, but totally worth it!

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