It will be available on May 14th, but can be pre-ordered now. In the meantime here’s a little teaser to wet the whistle so to speak.

He looked really familiar, but she didn’t remember seeing him at the wedding. She knew she’d seen that face, and she knew that if there were enough light to see the color of his eyes, they would be gray.

She knew who he was.

“You’re Samuel Marshall.”

“Yes,” he said, as if that should be obvious to anyone.

“And this is your house.”

And he died in the Civil War.

And she hadn’t been able to find any light switches. That was impossible. She had to be dreaming. Or still drunk. Or something.

No. This was a dream. That was the only logical conclusion.

Ha, did that mean that Sam Marshall was the man of her dreams? Figures it would be someone dead for a hundred and sixty years. She pulled the covers back over her head and closed her eyes. When she woke up for real, everything would be back to normal.

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