When I wrote Emily’s Song, I really enjoyed being able to incorporate my love of history with my love for writing. So, moving forward, I will be concentrating most often on writing novels with a historical angle.

To that end, I’d thrilled to be able to announce that I recently signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press to publish an historical novel set in New Jersey during Prohibition. I don’t have a release date yet, but I am very eager for people to meet my new characters Alice and Hank.

Here is the current blurb for the book (things may change during edits, but I think the basic premise will remain the same)

The year is 1928 and a fisherman is dead. Shot to death in a quiet town in New Jersey. Officer Alice Grady wants to know why. Fellow scallop fisherman Hank Chapman knows why, but he prefer the police not investigate too closely, after all, he and the dead man both engaged in the same side business of smuggling in illegal alcohol from rum row. Alice and Hank find themselves helping the young widow and despite their incompatible careers, they discover they enjoy spending time together. Can a police officer and a rum runner find any common ground? Can they find love?

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