Ali Caldwell Series

Reality Ali - Book One

Fourteen-year-old Ali Caldwell’s father keeps her privacy so secure none of the other kids at boarding school believe she has a movie star for a mom. Sick of hiding in the wings, Ali decides to orchestrate her own fame by posting videos of her and her friends on YouTube. Suddenly, she’s the new Hollywood buzz, and her mom wants Ali on her reality TV show.

Now Ali’s in the middle of a media firestorm. The paparazzi have tracked her down, interview requests are coming from all over, and the hottest star in Hollywood asks her to the school dance. To top it all off, some stranger is following her around and sending flowers. It’s really starting to creep her out. But is he really a dangerous stalker, or just another cog in her mother’s publicity machine?

Lights, Camera, Ali - Book Two

Ali Caldwell figures her fifteen minutes of fame have expired, and she is ready to ditch the TV cameras. That’s hard to do when she has to spend Thanksgiving with her mother in Malibu, where they’ll be filming the Christmas special for their reality show.

Then her little brother disappears while she’s in charge of him an everyone in the world is watching and blaming her, including her mother. Ali is determined to find him and make everything right, and heartthrob Chet Arnold is ready and willing to help.

But Chet’s company turns into something more than Ali bargained for, and before the adventure is resolved it looks like she may lose her actual boyfriend forever.

Honestly, Ali - Book Three

Ali Caldwell thought her troubles were over, but she has a new one. She let her grades fall and now she’s on academic probation. She has to get her grades up or leave school.

Everyone is talking about an intriguing new study system, but Ali realizes it’s nothing more than cheating, so she doesn’t use it. She studies for hours to get a perfect grade on her next test.

Instead of applauding, her teacher accuses her of cheating.

To make things worse, the administration is certain that her boyfriend is the mastermind behind it all. Ali needs to prove that not only didn’t she cheat, but Liam is innocent as well, before they both get kicked out of school.

Always, Ali - Book Four

Ali Caldwell is ready to start her sophomore year of high school. After last year, she vows that this year is going to be uneventful, and most importantly, private. She has the best of intentions. She’s going to stay off TV, keep out of trouble and let nothing interfere with her school work.

Then the new girl shows up.

Samantha is a transfer student who claims she and Ali have the same father, and she wants Ali’s life. Ali, in an attempt to keep Samantha from ruining her dad’s fledgling Senate campaign, allows herself to be blackmailed to keep the information secret.

Can Ali find out the truth and get her life back, while keeping her personal vow to stay out of the media this year?